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  • childhood cancer underfunded
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    With only 4% of the national cancer research budget going to children, more funding is needed to understand the origins of cancer and to develop less toxic, more effective treatments for...
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  • Lung problems killing infants
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    Lung problems are one of the leading causes of infant deaths, especially among children with low birth weights. With a central focus on identifying specific genes and developmental mechanisms that contribute...
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  • childhood asthma on the rise
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    The number of children with asthma has risen 150% in the past 20 years. Despite tremendous medical and scientific advances in the past two decades, the frequency of respiratory illness in children has...
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Who are we?

Children are the future. Changing Lives Foundation was founded with a mission, to assist children reach their future, giving them the opportunity to experience their fullest potential. Our focus is local,specifically targeting gaps in funding that directly affect our community’s children. Will you join our league of heroes? 

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Funding the Gap

Changing Lives Foundation was created with a mission: Target gaps in funding that directly effect this community’s children.  With only 4% of the national budget for cancer research going to kids, more funding is needed. That is why Changing Lives...
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Let’s join forces to make a difference!
We need your help! A cure for pediatric diseases begins with you. Changing Lives Foundation is dedicated to eliminating childhood diseases. Help us launch the next generation of superheroes through hope and a cure.
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