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Childhood Cancer Research Severely Underfunded

childhood cancer underfunded
Donation Goal For This Project is $30,000
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With only 4% of the national cancer research budget going to children, more funding is needed to understand the origins of cancer and to develop less toxic, more effective treatments for childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer Facts:
– Radiation to a child’s brain can significantly damage cognitive function, or if radiation is given at a very young age, limit the ability to read, do simple math, tell time, and even talk.
– Physical and neurocognitive disabilities resulting from treatment may prevent childhood cancer survivors from fully participating in school, social activities and eventually work, which can cause depression and feelings of isolation.
– 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer every year.
– 60% of childhood cancer survivors will go on to suffer lifelong effects from treatment such as infertility, other forms of cancer, and heart failure.


Join our fight!
We have joined with St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Your donation will go towards the McDonnell Pediatric Cancer Research Grant at Children’s Discovery Institute.


“Social Outcomes in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Cohort”, Journal of Clinical Oncology, February 17, 2009.