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Funding the Gap

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Changing Lives Foundation was created with a mission: Target gaps in funding that directly effect this community’s children.  With only 4% of the national budget for cancer research going to kids, more funding is needed. That is why Changing Lives Foundation has partnered with St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation to help fund the McDonnell Pediatric Cancer Center of the Children’s Discovery Institute. St. Louis Children’s Hospital funds many important programs and services that benefit patients and their families including pediatric research through its Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI). The CDI is a world-class center for pediatric research and innovation, created to accelerate new pathways to discovery in the treatment of childhood diseases by providing grants to support four research centers:

  • Congenital Heart Disease Center
  • McDonnel Pediatric Cancer Center
  • Center for Pediatric Pulmonary Disease
  • Center for Musculoskeletal and Metabolic Diseases